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15 April 2018

Results for Rogaine 1 are now available on the Results page

And please note that due to tree damage from last week's storm, Rogaine 2 has been moved to the Lake Kareta map which is located on Wilson Rd and is about 10 mins further up South Head from Slater Rd

14 April 2018

Thanks for entering the North West Orienteering Club Bivouac 90 minute Rogaine this Sunday. The weather forecast looks great at this stage. Here's what you need to know...


The event centre is at the end of Forestry Road, Riverhead Forest. GPS Coordinates 36°44'42", 174°34'39". From central Auckland...
• Take the North Western Motorway and SH16 towards Kumeu
• Make sure you are in the right-hand lane (passing lane) of the two lane road going up the hill after Brigham's Creek
• Turn right into Riverhead-Coatesville Highway (Borics Orchards are on the corner)
• Travel 3km towards Riverhead township
• Turn left at the roundabout onto Riverhead Road
• Where Riverhead Road makes a left hand turn, go straight ahead onto Deacon Road
• Then turn right into Forestry Road
There will be orange and white orienteering signs from Riverhead-Coatsville Highway (but not on SH16). Allow 40 minutes from central Auckland.


• Walking or running shoes, preferably with good grip. They are likely to get wet and muddy.
• Comfortable clothes to walk or run in. Warm clothes to change into afterwards.
• A compass if you have one - we have a limited number available to borrow on a first-in-first-serve basis.
• Water and snacks.
• Some cash for the fundraising catering.


Registration opens at 9:30am. Maps are issued at 10:30am giving you 30 minutes to plan your route. There will be a short briefing before the start at 11:00am. Event finish is at 12:30pm and a lolly scramble, prizegiving and spot-prize draw will be held at 1:00pm.

Please come early! You need to allow time to park, walk to the event centre, register, and get yourselves ready to go by 10:30am. Registration can take up to 15 minutes.


There will be free coaching available for anyone especially newcomers from 9:30am. This is a great opportunity to get some advice and tips on map-reading and rogaine planning from experienced orienteers - they will be wearing high viz vests. Check out the website for tips on understanding maps and orienteering.


The map will be at a scale of 1:10,000 which means 1 cm on the map is 100 metres on the ground, and the contour interval is 5 metres.

There will be 10 easy checkpoints worth 30 points, that are the 130-139 range, 10 moderately difficult checkpoints worth 40 points (140-149) and 10 difficult controls worth 50 points each (150-159). If you are new please leave the difficult controls, as you could spend a long time trying to find them.

You have 90 minutes to find as many as you can. You don't have to stay out the whole 90 minutes but don't be late back! There are penalties of 20 points per minute or part-minute you are late.


Three North West Orienteering Club members have recently been selected to represent NZ at the upcoming Junior World Orienteering Champs in Hungary. As a fundraiser, they are providing some very tasty sounding catering - certainly a step up from just a sausage sizzle. The menu includes:

• Texas BBQ Pulled Pork Rolls with Coleslaw
• Bacon and Egg Rolls
• Sausage Sizzle
• Homemade Carrot & Pumpkin Soup
• Canned Drinks
• Chocolate Bars
• Cakes

Please bring some cash and support their efforts.


A big thank you to our sponsors for the series. Bivouac Outdoors have several shops throughout Auckland to supply you with all your outdoor equipment and clothing needs. Check out their range at . Apart from some great spot-prizes, they have supplied us with 20%-off vouchers - make sure you pick yours up when you register. Borics Orchards have an amazing range of fresh produce including fruit, veges, meat and fish plus a whole lot of specialty food items. They are offering 10% off for all rogainers on Sunday - just identify yourself as an entrant to get your discount. R-Line have supplied us with electrolyte drink for you to rehydrate with at the finish and also some product as spot-prizes.


Congratulations to Ryan Williams who is the winner of the backpack from Bivouac, drawn from the first 50 entries to the whole series.

See you all on Sunday,

Rob Garden,
North West Orienteering Club.

28 March 2018

Hi All,

Just a reminder that the 2018 Bivouac Rogaine Series is just around the corner with the first event on April 15th in Riverhead Forest. Entries will close on the Wednesday night before the event so make sure to enter early on You can also enter all 3 races in the series at once and get a discounted rate and, if you're quick, you will go into the draw to win a high quality backpack from Bivouac Outdoors - you'll need to be one of the first 50 to enter the whole series and so far we have 37. Don't forget, kids under 10 are free.

Once again we have some great support from our sponsors Bivouac Outdoors and Borics Orchards. Bivouac Outdoors have a huge range of top quality outdoor gear, everything you could want for your next adventure. Borics Orchards have a great little store on the corner of SH16 and Riverhead-Coatesville Highway with an array of fresh, high quality fruit, veges, meat, fish and specialty food items. A great place to stock up on the way home from the events.

Hope to see you on the 15th,

Rob Garden,
North West Orienteering Club.

09 February 2018

The 2018 North West Orienteering Club Rogaine series is all go again. The website is now live and entries are open. The timetable is a bit more spread out this year due to various reasons so the 3 events are four and 5 weeks apart with the events being on April 15th, May 13th and June 17th. Hopefully this won't dampen any enthusiasm! Once again we have generous sponsorship from Bivouac Outdoor and the first 50 entrants will go into the draw to win an awesome backpack.

Hope to see you all soon,

Rob Garden
North West Orienteering Club

08 February 2018

Entries for the 2018 North West Orienteering Club Rogaine series are now open, online entry is available here.

10 December 2017

Dates and venues for the 2018 Rogaine Series are now published (see the panel to the right)

Dates of 2018 Events:

15th April - Riverhead Forest

13th May - Lake Kareta

17th June - Temu Rd

Thank you to our sponsors:

The main Series sponsor is
Bivouac Outdoors

Thanks also to
Boric Food Market

North West Orienteering Club

Very Affordable Entry Fees!

(listed Senior / Junior)

90min Single Event:   $20 / $10
90min All 3 Foot Events:   $55 / $25
Under 10* - FREE
* = born in 2009 or later

Late Entries / Enter on the Day:   90min $25 / $12 (cash only please)